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Daily Adventure Tours exploring the Discovery Islands & Desolation Sound

50°North Adventures has been professionally set up to give everybody access to a unique ecosystem that is only accessible to boat owners, holidaying cruisers and sailing yachts.

Explore some of the magnificent Discovery Islands and Desolation Sound on our 5 – hourAdventure tour’ experience. With this tour we leave Discovery Harbour Marina and head into the busy Discovery Passage used by the north and southbound tugboats, cruise ships, sail boats and cruisers. This water way is shared by both transient Orcas and visiting Humpback whales here to feed on the schools of herring. Our local Seals, Sea lions, Otters and any number of species of birds including Bald eagles can be seen along our shores at any given time. The Straight of Georgia off the southern end of Quadra Island has been home to active pods of Humpback whales with daily sightings.

From Discovery Passage we have the freedom to roam around amongst the wildlife. As we search for our visiting Orcas and Humpback whales we will trawl a few lures through some of the major salmon grounds in the Straights of Georgiaand hopefully catch someone a big Chinook salmon for dinner.

Cruising the waters around the Discovery Islands and into Desolation Sound we could visit the likes of  Gorge Harbour, Lund, Refuge Cove, Squirrel Cove, Manson’s Landing or Whale Town. We could stop in at one of the unique General stores or Trading Posts for a bite to eat or seek out some of the beautiful bays these areas are famous for.

After we drop in a couple of crab pots to soak for a few hours in hope for the tasty Dungeness crab, you’ll have the opportunity to view the prolific bird life that is here for the plentiful herring and enjoy the endless panoramic views of these amazing water ways and the mountains on the main land.


  • Max of 6 guests 
  • $209 per person (Canadian Dollars – Check Exchange Rate)
  • The weather here on Vancouver Island can be unpredictable, so wearing the right layers is important and there is plenty of room to store your jacket, so bring it along. We would much appreciate it if guests didn’t wear heavy black sole hiking boots for a day on the water. A good pair of running shoes is so much more comfortable anyway!

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