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Fishing Charter Campbell River
Whale Watching Campbell River
Campbell River Fishing Charters
Boat Charter Cambpell River BC Canada

Welcome to beautiful Campbell River located on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island.


Campbell River is famously known as the ‘Salmon Capital of the World’ and for good reason! but here at 50North Adventures we know it is so much more than the world famous fishing grounds of the Salish Sea!

It’s the place where you will feel as one, with the raw and natural beauty that nature has to offer. 


A feeling of being local and at home as you explore this special part of the world! 


50North Adventures provides your access into one of the world’s most diverse outdoor adventure playgrounds and the “Home to Humpback whales and the Transiet Orca”. 

Come and explore this natural enviroment and its untamed wildlife in the safe and protected in-land waters of Campbell River British Columbia and the Salish Sea.

“It’s hard to feel like a tourist when your welcomed like a local”.

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For Day Tours & Whale Watching Tours or for extending hours on any tours please contact us.

Whale watching & Wild Life

Steeped in both Canadian and Indigenous history right on our doorstep, Campbell River is home to returning Humpback Whales with almost guarrentied daily sightings. The Transient Orca or Biggs Killer Whales are frequient visitors to our area as they hunt for harbour seals, Stellar sea lions and pacific white sided dolphins.

The Salmon captial of the world” offering 5 species of wild salmon with Chinook, Coho, Sockeye, Pinks and Chum being caught in our waters. See the Prolific bird life, including bald eagles and the Great Blue heron along our shores and estuaries. 

All of this is located in and around the famous waters off Discovery Passage and the Sailish Sea, previously the Straight of Georgia. Campbell River leads you into the beautiful Discovery Islands and Desolation Sound. Featuring breath taking views, water falls, wild tidal waters and endless coves.

Truly a photographer’s paradise!

whale watching tours campbell river
whale watching charter campbell river

Explore and play in our back yard!

Specialising in small groups & families – 6 people maximum

50North Adventures offers daily adventure and experiences on board our beautifully maintained and covered Grady White 265 Express.

  • Maximum of 6 guests provides personal attention and plenty of room
  • Covered boat with private toilet and washroom facilities
  • Ability to roam around the waters and get to the action quickly 
  • Combined Whale watching, Fishing and touring experiences available
  • Family friendly and cater for the needs of children and parents
  • Exclusive private charters available
  • Over 25 years experience in tourism and the marine enviroment around the world 
  • Transport Canada approved and fully insured 
Fishing Charters Campbell River

Our ‘Adventures’ can include:

  • Meeting some of our resident and visiting Humpback and Orca whales as they enjoy the summer and the abundance of food in our waters
  • Listen to the whales talk and sing with our hydrophone
  • Cruise around Desolation Sound Marine Park and the Discovery Islands and admire the raw, natural beauty its famous for
  • Visit places like Refuge Cove, Lund, Mansons Landing, Gorge Harbour, Whale Town, Twin islands to mention a few!
  • View beautiful natural waterfalls in Desolation Sound 
  • Trawling lures through our famous fishing grounds giving someone a chance to hook onto a big Chinook Salmon
  • Inspect a few crab pots for the tasty Dungeness crab
  • Explore picturesque bays in search of our diverse wild life
  •  Lunch at one of many unique little resturants or cafe’s only accessible by boat and 
  • maximum of 6 guests giving you comfort and personalized attention
  • Lots of room to move around and equal opportunity to take great photos and videos
  • Beautiful covered boat with private toilet and washroom facilities,  

‘Explore the beautiful Discovery Islands & Desolation Sound’

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Sometimes you get visitors?

Never know when you might get visitors? Watching 9 Humpback whales this day as they were spread feeding in different spots. We drifted with a number of other boats from a legal distance, suddenly these 3 mature whales surface in front of us and did a casual "swimBye"...

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