Whale Watching

Whale Watching

Daily – 3 Hour Whale watching Tours

Small groups with lots of room to move – covered boat – washroom facilities

Private tour options are available!


Cruise the beautiful Sailish Sea in search of the majestic Humpback Whale and the Transient Orca or Killer Whales. Over the past 3 seasons we have watched the protected waters surrounding Campbell River become home for the Humpback whale. There was 86 of them identified within our region in 2018, up from 56 in 2017.
The Sailish Sea also had a staggering number of sightings reported of Orca with sightings recorded over 200 days in 2018. The Transient Orca like to eat seals and sea lions and are constantly on the move visiting known “honey holes” or seal colonies for the family meal. 

Our visiting Humpback whales are here from Hawaii and Mexico for the summer months to feed and relax in our protected waters before they head south again for another summer!

Some days on the water it is like “whale soup” with pods of Humpbacks scattered in every direction. In saying that they are wild animals, so i will never guarantee sightings!

We operate under very strict rules and guidelines for whale watching here in B.C making sure that these beautiful animals are not disturbed and harassed as they go about their daily activities.


– 100m or 110yards away from Humpback Whales

– 400m or 440yards away from Orca without a permit

We hold a Transport Canada approved “Authorized Vessel” permit to watch the Orca from a 200m distance for 2021.

Sometimes the whales themselves forget the rules and will appear well within the viewing rules, causing us to shut the engines down and wait until they move out to a safer distance before we can start up again. This is something not to be expected on a tour. 

Most of the operators here in Campbell River are members of the Comox Valley Wildlife Sighting network on messenger/Facebook and we all share real time information via text message and VHF radio, making sure everyone knows where the animals are, who the animals are and all this information and data is collected then shared for research and safety.


2022 Rates:  

$130 per person (Not including taxes)

Taxes 12% (GST & Fuel Levy)

  • Small intimate groups with a maximum of 6 people – minimum 4
  • Covered boat with private washroom facilities
  • Room to move about for great photography & video opportunity 
  • Hydrophone on board for listening to the whales talk
  • The weather here on Vancouver Island can be unpredictable, so wearing the right layers is important. There is plenty of room to store your jacket, so bring it along.
  • We would much appreciate it if guests didn’t wear heavy black sole hiking boots for a day on the water. A good pair of running shoes is so much more comfortable anyway!