Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need a fishing license?

Anyone who holds a fishing rod must have the BC Tidal / Salt water for the day of the charter. If you wish to keep a fish you will need the conservation salmon stamp to go with it. Follow the link at the bottom of our fishing page.

Do we fish on the river or the ocean?

The fishing is ocean fishing. Campbell River is not open to the pacific swell as we are inland protected waters of the Salish Sea.

What do we wear?

Dress for a day on the water and bing a jacket incase the weather changes. We are a bare foot boat or if you need to wear shoes please make it running shoes with soft soles. Our decks are covered by a product called Ultra Deck and are really soft on the feet.

Do we have a washroom?

Yes we have a proper washroom similar to an aircraft.

Can we bring food and drinks?

Yes! please whatever it is you like to eat or drink. Alcohol is allowed in moderation.

Can I smoke on the boat?


I have a dog. Can I bring it along?

Sorry. No pets allowed

Where do I park the RV?

There is free parking at the southern end of the marina off Roberts Beach Road or directly across the road from McDonalds. There is also a paid parking section so please check the signs posted before you park to avoid being fined.

Where is the Boat and Office located?

Dock C at Discovery HARBOUR Marina. There are 3 marinas in CR, the one at the pier is called Fishermans wharf and the one beside the ferry terminal is called Discovery Coast marina. The one located a few hundred meters north of the ferry is Discovery Harbour Marina.
Landmarks to look for include McDonalds and Tim Hortons then you are in the right spot.

Will we see Orca or Killer whales?

We will never guarantee orca. There are over 360 known Transient orca living in the Salish sea and they are constantly in search of food and have a large body of water to cover. All the operators here in CR work together using VHF radio and a sightings app to share information and sightings in real time. We are also lucky to hold a government permit that allows us to view Orca from a distance of 200m instead of 400m. For the humpback whales it is viewing from 100m.

How do we spend the time on the Combined fishing & whale watching charter?

The Humpback whales are generally not far from the fishing grounds so it is completely up to you how you want to spend the hours of the charter. There is plenty of time for both activities.

Do we need to bring bait or equipment for fishing?

No. We supply everything for both left and right handed anglers. We trawl for salmon at depth with artificial lures. No fishing experience needed and we will happily show you how to catch a salmon and have fun.

What do we do with the fish we catch?

You can do catch and release or you can have your catch processed and shipped back home. We will process your catch for you by cleaning the fish and bagging it.

What about the weather and sea sickness?

It is extremely rare that we have to cancel due to weather. We have big tides and strong currents and places to hide if the winds are strong. We don’t have the swell of the open ocean and you can always see land no matter where we are located. I have 2 young girls and if it is going to be too rough to take them out then I am not taking you out.
Those decisions are made on the day before the charter and safety is always put before money.